The software success

In 2010 we started the development of our open source Operating System for Gateways, iopsys. Today iopsysWrt is one of the most advanced, platform independent gateway software based on OpenWRT. iopsysWrt is based on the best from the open source community combined with knowledge gained from building innovative gateway solutions for more than a decade.

Today iopsysWrt is developed and maintained by iopsys software solutions AB, a fully owned subsidiary to Inteno Group AB. iopsys software solutions AB is headquartered in Stockholm, with R&D and sales located in the same building as Inteno

All Inteno gateways have iopsysWrt inside. If you are a service provider looking for a unified software platform, or if you are a device maker looking for a modular next generation software, do not hesitate to contact us for more information about the iopsysWrt inside program, or visit

The User Interface, UI

With iopsysWrt UI end customers are finally provided with a user-friendly responsive way to interact with their residential gateways. Configuring and managing your connected home is made easy.


The Cloud

The Inteno Cloud platform is a scalable real-time server platform connecting iopsysWrt devices to the Cloud, enabling remote device management, helpdesk facilities, WiFi analytics and application management. The management server handles the account administration and the communication with the iopsysWrt communication engine (ICE) residing in the devices. The Inteno Cloud platform is a next generation tool supporting operators and service providers in achieving real-time device management, helpdesk and analytics. Inteno Cloud scales as you grow and is offered as an annual subscription per home.

For more information about iopsysWrt please visit or send an enquiry to