Let EX400 extend and improve your WiFi network

June 15, 2017

EX400 from Inteno is a high performance device, combining three areas of use in one device. It will give you great WiFi performance and trouble free installation.

EX400 is developed to solve the most common problems in a wireless connected home, achieving full coverage and good performance.

EX400 supports a range of use cases: It can easily be configured to operate in Repeater, Extender mode or in AP/Router mode – three areas of use in one single device.

EX400 supports MU-MIMO (Multi-User, Multiple-Input, Multiple Output), the next generation WiFi 802.11ac Wave 2 technology. MU-MIMO improves overall performance and efficiency of the WiFi network by providing dedicated bandwidth to MU-MIMO capable client devices.

EX400 is designed with 4×4 radio technology so that end-users can benefit from extended coverage and increased performance.

The EX400 is powered by iopsys, Inteno’s open source based software platform for embedded devices. iopsys brings a number of unique user-friendly features such as Zero-Touch pairing, WiFi QoS and bandwidth control per client.

Conny Franzén, CEO of the Inteno Group says:

”The new EX400 takes us one step closer to fulfilling the vision of the wirelessly connected home, where coverage and performance is achieved by using next generation technology.”


About Inteno and iopsys

Inteno is a major supplier of residential gateway software and hardware solutions to European operators and network owners. The Inteno Group has subsidiaries and offices in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Belgium. Inteno is the owner of the open service delivery platform iopsys.

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For any additional information please contact:
Conny Franzén, CEO Inteno Group AB,
+46 8 579 190 30, +46 707 704 461
E-mail: conny.franzen@inteno.se