Inteno launches EG400, the versatile 4×4 FTTH gateway

October 23, 2017

EG400 is Inteno’s next generation of flexible gateways within FTTH with the high-performance software iopsys inside. EG400 will provide for superior WiFi performance featuring a 4×4, 160MHz extended reach 5GHz interface.

EG400 is flexible and versatile. One hardware supports Gigabit Ethernet, Point-to-Point FTTH and GPON (using GPON stick).

EG400 supports MU-MIMO (Multi-User, Multiple-Input, Multiple Output), the next generation Wi-Fi 802.11ac Wave 2 technology. MU-MIMO improves overall performance and efficiency of the Wi-Fi network by providing dedicated bandwidth to MU-MIMO capable client devices.

EG400 can be installed using Inteno’s slim line fiber tray or act as a stand-alone gateway. It has auto sensing Gigabit WAN and a CATV overlay solution. The dual band concurrent WiFi enables 4×4, 160MHz extended reach 802.11ac.

The EG400 is powered by the iopsys, Inteno’s open software platform for embedded devices. For superior whole home WiFi coverage, pair EG400 with EX400 WiFi Extender using the “Zero Touch” function.

Conny Franzén, CEO of the Inteno Group says:

”The new EG400 is our most flexible FTTH gateway ever and it sets a new standard for FTTH gateways. We all want truly good WiFi at home. The EG400 in combination with our WiFi Extenders makes this happen! We are looking forward to supporting our customers in deploying new innovative services.”


About Inteno and iopsys

Inteno is a major supplier of residential gateway software and hardware solutions to European operators and network owners. The Inteno Group has subsidiaries and offices in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Belgium. Inteno is the owner of the open service delivery platform iopsys.

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For any additional information please contact:
Conny Franzén, CEO Inteno Group AB,
+46 8 579 190 30, +46 707 704 461