In 2010 we started the development of our open source Operating System for Gateways, iopsys. Today iopsysWrt is one of the most advanced, platform independent gateway software based on OpenWRT. iopsysWrt is based on the best from the open source community combined with our knowledge gained from building innovative gateway solutions for more than a decade. iopsysWrt runs on a multitude of hardware and provides cloud connectivity out of the box.

All Inteno gateways have iopsysWrt inside. If you are a service provider looking for a unified software platform, or if you are an ODM/OEM looking for a modular next generation software, do not hesitate to contact us for more information about the iopsysWrt inside program.

JUCI Graphical user interface

JUCI is the graphical user interface of iopsysWrt. With JUCI end customers are finally provided with a user-friendly responsive way to interact with their residential gateways. With JUCI configuring and managing your connected home is made easy. JUCI is the graphical representation of an advanced technical platform, including key parts such as Angular.jc, nodejs, websockets, ubus, rpcd anf many more.

The Cloud platform

The iopsys Cloud platform is a scalable server platform that includes a management server, helpdesk facilities and an application store. The platform is to be installed in the operator’s network. The management server handles the account administration and the communication with the iopsysWrt communication engine (ICE) residing in the registered devices. The home application store allows the customer to register new devices, install and manage new applications and device functions and to manage these remotely. With the Application Store enabled the end-customer / user has easy access to services beyond triple play.

For more information about iopsysWrt please visit or send an enquiry to