EX400 – Easy installation

Welcome to the easy installation guide
for the EX400.

Follow this step by step and you will be up and running in no time.


Network cable


Ethernet connection: WAN, red color
Ethernet connection: LAN, yellow color
USB 2.0
Reset switch
Power plug connector
Power switch ON/OFF

1. Installation the wireless way:

EX400: Press and hold the WPS icon until the LEDS starts blinking. Then release and wait until only the WPS LED starts blinking.

Your router: Press WPS. The installation process is now in progress. It will take 1-2 minutes to complete. When the ”Broadband” LED is yellow it means that WPS pairing was successful and your EX400 is connected to your router with the same name (SSID) and password as your router has. But if ”Broadband” is still black, you must try again.

2. Installation with your PC:

Connect your PC to the LAN of EX400. Do not connect any cable on WAN of EX400. Start your web browser and type the address - a guide will show configuration options. The default user name is user and the password is user.

How to place your EX400:

Problem area, improved by EX400

Area that is good for placing EX400

Area covered by your gateway

One device, three possibilities:

Router / Access Point (cable connection) EX400 can be used as a router if configured as such. Connect EX400 WAN to your Internet service provider outlet.


Repeater (wireless connection) Place the EX400 in a good place (as shown above). The EX400 now works as a repeater. 

Extender (cable connection) Place the EX400 in a good place (as shown above). Connect the EX400 with an ethernet cable to your router. Put the cable in one of the LAN ports in your router and the other in the WAN port of EX400. This setup gives you the best performance.