EX400 gives you full home WiFi coverage.


How can you achieve full home WiFi coverage? Extend your connectivity with an EX400 WiFi Expender-Repeater. EX400 will extend the range of your wireless home network by pairing wired or wirelessly to your home gateway. For larger, or more complex environments, pair and connect multiple EX400.

  • Excellent WiFi performance throughout the home
  • Dual band, 2,4 GHz and 5 GHz
  • Easy to connect and set up with “zero touch pairing”

Three devices in one unit

EX400 is flexible! Use it as a wireless router or pair and connect it wired or wireless to your existing router. This will extend and improve your wireless coverage and throughput.

How to place your EX400

When finding an ideal place for your EX400, install it in reach of your router signal, not too close, not too far away.

Depending on the size and the layout of your home you may need more than one EX400 to get the best coverage.