About us

We are driving change

Inteno group is an innovative solution supplier within the telecom and broadband industry. During the past 15 years, our focus has been on developing and delivering innovative gateway products and software solutions to operators and service providers.

Conny Franzén, CEO

We have two business areas. The Gateway business area which offers gateways, extenders and management and analytics platforms. Inteno recently strengthened its European presence through the acquisition of the Genexis group with subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Germany and Sweden. With the transaction, Inteno is realizing its ambitions to expand and become one of the major suppliers in Europe. A broader and stronger product portfolio is offered and for the time being the two brands Genexis and Inteno will be kept.

The Software business area started with the development of our open source Operating System for Gateways, iopsys. Today iopsysWrt is one of the most advanced, platform independent gateway software based on OpenWRT. Today iopsysWrt is developed and maintained by iopsys software solutions AB, a fully owned subsidiary to Inteno Group AB. iopsys software solutions AB is headquartered in Stockholm, with R&D and sales located in the same building as Inteno

Our gateway products

Designed to meet the requirements of operators and service providers. The products support FTTH, DSL and ethernet as well as multi-WAN. Wireless in-home connectivity is key, all gateways support our “WiFi Life” software enabling full coverage and seamless roaming. The Product design and development aims for top-quality, using technology from leading components suppliers. Our iopsysWrt software in combination with the Inteno cloud platform strengthens the product offering and competitiveness.

Our software platform

iopsysWrt is one of the most advanced, platform independent gateway software based on OpenWRT. iopsysWrt is based on the best from the open source community combined with our knowledge gained from building innovative gateway solutions for more than a decade.

iopsysWrt is a fully supported enterprise software for CPE and gateway products. It provides a full enterprise solution with security enhancements and feature rich services such as local and remote management, enhanced WiFi experience, VoIP and QoS.