Inteno launches a new web site

Get to know Inteno. Visit the Inteno Group on a brand new web site.

The Inteno Group is an innovative and flexible supplier of CPE products for operators and open access networks. The Inteno products are designed to meet the requirements of the operators, and open access networks, and are available for most access types such as Fiber, DSL, Ethernet and Cable. Now you can learn more about Inteno and watch the full Inteno product range on the brand new web site:

– We used to have different web sites for different markets, but now we have created a new platform where our customers can have a complete overview of the Inteno group of companies as well as our own products – regardless of what country they operate in, says Conny Franzén, CEO of the Inteno Group. In addition to the group corporate site we will soon launch new local web sites where we will have both our own CPE products as well as all the complementary products from associated suppliers in the product database.

The team within the Inteno Group has extensive experience in the fields of broadband and telecommunications. It started within cable-tv, more than 30 years ago, which lead into the broadband industry during the mid 1990’s.

– Our vision is to become one of Europe's leading suppliers of CPE equipment with a focus on delivering products that will ease and improve our customer's service delivery, says Conny Franzén. Our new web site is a very deliberate move towards that goal.

About Inteno

The Inteno Group is an innovative and flexible supplier of CPE products.

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